EB 5 Requirements


For an eB5 investor, to qualify for the U.S. citizenship, the EB5 project must create at least 10 full-time job opportunities for a minimum duration of 2 years to employees with U.S. citizenship. For direct investment projects, the EB 5 investor has to work as an employer and directly or indirectly hire qualifying employees. While on the other hand when the investment is through a regional center then the full-time jobs can be created directly or indirectly by the regional center.

Full-time jobs must fulfill 35 hours of working per week criteria. Direct EB 5 investment comes with risk to manage EB 5 visa backlog effectively. A qualified EB 5 investor will get permanent residency in the States not limited to sponsor visa or any other non-immigrant status for them and their families. An EB 5 investor who, when investing in the EB 5 visa, has to start with formal processing of EB 5 visa applications to get an approval of I-526 petition. The conditional green card (I-526) expires after 2 years and petition of I-829 (unconditional green card) needs to be filed with in 90 days of the anniversary of approval.

The impact of visa regression is based on the EB 5 visa processing time including removal of I-526 petition and time for I-826 approval. In general, it takes 24 months of time for each petition approval. For an EB 5 investor, it takes 4-5 year time duration for being lawful U.S. citizen. To minimize the complications and EB 5 visa Backlogs, an EB 5 investor must invest the capital amount through a licensed EB 5 visa seller. EB5 consultant experts help to manage tax documents and account details with lawful means. EB consultants provide transparent, comprehensive, continuous and profitable EB 5 project investment options. Applying for an EB 5 visa is not worth time and money, as it requires complete money transaction records , time to time coordination with the U.S. authorities, Fulfilling job creation and much more.

EB 5 consultant provides legal attorneys who handle each EB 5 case with complete knowledge and experience. EB 5 consultant indulges in smooth EB5 visa processing services with the objective of optimum utilization of client’s investment.

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