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What is EB5 visa program?

EB-5(employment-based fifth preference visa) or investor visa program, which was created by US authorities in 1990 enables the foreign investors to get the U.S.A. lawful permanent residency when they can benefit the U.S.A economy with $1 000 000and can create at least 10 jobs for the current American citizens.

With the latest changes in the government policies till December 2018, the amount has been reduced to $500 000 which is exactly half of the previous amount.

What are the benefits of being a citizen of USA economy?

  • You can live, study or work anywhere in the U.S.
  • You can secure your whole family future.
  • You can get the green card of America in 12-18 months.
  • After 5 years you can be the lawful citizen of the country
  • There is no compulsion to stay in the area of investment.
  • There is also no obligation to manage the enterprise
  • Pay low tuition fee at higher education institute.


What all I need for EB5?

To be eligible for this investor visa program you need to

  • $1 million investment in USA economy.
  • Now for some Duration the government has made the minimum of $500 000 in USA’s government approved targeted High unemployment project.
  • 3 months to stay in USA before applying for this citizenship program.
  • Source of funds must be legal and white.

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