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“An EB 5 investor has to make progress through following Eb 5 visa requirements to qualify as lawful citizens of United States.”


Step 1

Initial Step

Before applying for EB 5 visa program, EB 5 consultant provides an assessment form for pre-screening the investor qualifications for EB 5 visa and share detailed knowledge about the EB 5 visa processing cost and time with the interested individuals. The company’s attorneys and team will determine various EB 5 requirement criteria. They will provide a detailed report whether the business visa requirements are completely as per the protocol or need some changes to be done. For this assessment form an EB 5 investor has to provide 5 consecutive years of tax returns documents and source information of the investment funds. This planning and assessment is important to minimize the EB 5 visa processing time and risk related to the investment. Our experts then check EB 5 visa eligibility and ready with all documentation, our experts provide information related to EB 5 visa projects and accordingly further processing.

Step 2

Project Selection and investment

Now the EB 5 investor has to choose an EB 5 visa project and parallelly have to pay EB 5 visa program cost through an online secure transaction. An EB 5 investor may choose a project in the Target Employment area or in other projects of his choice. To avoid a visa backlog it is important to choose a project capable of fulfilling all EB 5 visa requirements. However, the majority of EB5 investors choose EB 5 visa projects which are government approved. The investment is made and then the I-526 documentation is filled with the regional center to inform the status of an EB 5 investor who is eligible to qualify for EB 5 Status.

Step 3

I-536 approval

EB 5 visa program, Under I-536 application approval generally takes from 16 months. Once the regional center approves the EB 5 investor’s green card. The EB 5 investor, their spouse and children under the age of 21 obtain conditional green card for the next 24 months. This conditional green card has the same features as the unconditional permanent green card for the U.S.

Step 4

I-829 documentation

In the 90 days prior to I-546 completion, our EB5 attorneys ensures  that the EB 5 investor has to mention that the investment has fulfilled the entire U.S business visa criterion like 10 jobs for the United States workers and the invested amount is still maintained through I-829 submission. In this duration it is important to complete and submit this I-829application to remove the status of conditional green card. This changes the green card status to unconditional green card.

Step 5

U.S. Lawful citizenship

When an unconditional visa is issued, it can be taken granted to change the current green card status to permanent residency in the United States. Apparently, it gives them the option to become U.S. lawful citizens after 5 years of the date on which the conditional green card was issued.   5 visa processing time from I- 536 to permanent residency status depends on the type of project the investor has selected under EB 5 visa program for the investment.

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