EB 5 Investment


EB 5 Investment

EB 5 visa help investors, their spouse, and children under the age of 21 to obtain unconditional US green card through investment in the U.S. EB 5 process involves an investment in a new commercial enterprise which is capable of creating at least 10 jobs for United States workers.

Green card through investment

Capital investment includes payment of money by means of inventory, equipment, cash and its equivalents by the foreign investor in the U.S. economy. All capital investment must have the equivalent or higher market value in dollars when compared to the minimum EB 5 visa cost. Asset acquired by any unlawful means, lack with its source information, directly or indirectly related to forgery shall not be considered for the purpose of EB 5 investment and may directly reject the EB 5 application.

US Green card by investment

  • To qualify for U.S. Green card, the Minimum EB 5 visa cost within metropolitan statistical areas is $1 million.
  • The minimum investment in a high unemployment or Targeted Employment Area is $500 000 by U.S. government.

*Targeted Employment Area is a region in the USA where the national unemployment rate is higher. This may be a rural area in any region which is in the outer boundary of any city or town in the USA. The population of such regions should be more than 20 00 as per the U.S. government census.

EB 5 Direct Investment or Investment through Regional Center

An EB 5 investment through a regional center is more viable than direct investment. It helps EB 5 investors qualify for Job creation criterion in the United States easily. EB 5 projects sponsored by Regional center will create a large number of jobs in the United States. On the Other hand direct investment needs to create direct employment for at least 10 U.S. workers and require documentation and payroll records. For an EB 5 investor, investment through the Regional center gets surety of timely Green Card approval.

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