“EB 5 consultant maximizes the likelihood of EB 5 investor visa approval. We have top rated government approved projects to assure timely and safe migration of EB 5 Investors and their Families”

EB5 consultant is an U.S immigration visa consultancy firm with two decades of experience in consulting, investment and business development, EB5 consultant has positively impacted the EB 5 investor visa program market. We have high value government approved investment projects in the USA which are reliable in terms of investment in EB 5 (Employment based fifth preference visa category) projects.

We are an organization which is offering EB 5 services to Indian investors who are looking for a permanent and unconditional USA green card. Visa is valid for you as an investor and spouse with children under the age of 21 years. Our experienced visa attorneys and team provide services including professional visa consulting and understanding of EB5 projects with 100% transparency and support. An EB5 investor can get the fastest and complete legal services to obtain unconditional green card. The EB 5 investor visa allows EB 5 investor and their family to have benefits like work, live and study any where in 50 states of U.S and achieve US green card by investment.

EB5 consultant selects the investment projects only after proper research and strategic consulting. We make sure that there are no loop holes and hidden factors related to any of the investment projects. Our experts closely analyze by physically visiting the location and checking all the related documents. We are timely adding new projects capable of fulfilling all pre and post EB 5 investment requirements. The company focuses to provide a viable EB 5 solution with stability for investment returns. We have diversified EB 5 projects all targets to minimize the investment risk and remove visa backlogs. Our Project selection is related to market trends and high ROI. We assure complete investment safeguarding for EB 5 visa program. However it is important that every investment comes with its own risk and rewards related to investor. We make sure to completely remove visa backlogs by providing the most valuable projects associated with companies of good track record.

Our investment strategy is quiet simple; we have business partners and real estate developers in the USA expertise in building residential and non-residential projects. EB5 consultant provides access to such projects which are secure source of capital investment. We have a team of proficient world class visa attorneys to take care all documentation and transactions related to green card in smooth and easy way. At EB5 consultant, the team of EB 5 experts specializes in identifying, analyzing, and Structuring the capital investment EB 5 projects that are important in successful EB 5 investor visa application. We provide the best class of visa immigration services to investors and their families.

Why Us ?

  1. EB consultant is a renowned visa consulting organization providing a service approach for successful U.S green card.
  2. Our experts and EB 5 project partners provide efficiency and certainty in timely distribution for EB 5 visa approval.
  3. EB consultant provides best in class services for EB 5 investors to access the various EB 5 investment programs.
  4. We provide projects with complete transparency in EB5 investment program to flag the path towards unconditional US green cards.
  5. Our EB5 projects are completely secure and are eligible to fulfill all necessary criterion in context of EB 5 visa immigration rules.

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